"Hard work has no other option"


"Hard work bore fruits not imagination"

By following above mottoes for 18 years and as a result of hard work the ground dream of "Shree Gnanganga School" has been fulfilled.

We feel satisfy... After giving our each student such education as makes him/her the excellent in life and capable him/her to understand the real value of life but... our goal is achieved when our each student, after finish study, become successful in real and reach to the biggest/greatest destination.

There are three persons perform the most vital role in student's life, parents and teacher.Every student on the earth always woeful to them he/she cannot pay the price of any of them.If a student follow the guideline of parents and teachers perfectly he/she become successful undoubtedly and fulfill all the dreams.

We are tied with a promise to bring new methods and materials for the students every year and for this we want your much co-operation and support


We have no hope - to reach to the sky, - to reach to the land, - to reach to the progress/success, - to reach to the failure, - but...

We have only hope to reach to the heart of one another.

What is the real meaning of progress or development?
To climb the mountains of success?
To achieve all the external or material happiness?

Progress or Development means to build a bridge of sympathy or feelings from one heart to another and to get a unique place in event heart.

Therefore we are known as "shri granganga family" we come forward together as the members of the family come, with co-operation and with warm support we can achieve this motto, "co-operation of every one brings progress of everyone"

We pray to god, "Pupils will bring up in caring/sensitive atmosphere". There will archive their destination with flying colours, and the names of their parents, family and school will be written in golden letters